Petit Juror Exit Survey
Thank you for participating in the recent jury selection process at the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. We strive to provide excellent, courteous service in an atmosphere that is comfortable and professional. To help us improve the jury selection process, please take a few minutes to complete this brief Juror Service Survey. Your candid, constructive responses are appreciated.
Questions with a  *  are required. Questions 1-10 of 14 total.
  1. What was the date of your service? *  
  2. In what city did you perform your service? *  
  3. What was the name of the judge who presided over your case? *  
   Judge Sharpe
 Judge Kahn
 Judge D'Agostino
 Judge Hummel
 Judge Stewart
 Judge McAvoy
 Judge Mordue
 Judge Scullin
 Judge Suddaby
 Judge Sannes
 Judge Baxter
 Judge Dancks
 Judge Hurd
 Judge Lovric
 Judge Favro
 I don't know
  4. Were the instructions included in the initial mailing easy to understand? *  
  5. If you answered "no" to question four, how could the instructions be improved?  
  6. Did you respond to your summons using the on-line jury tool? *  
  7. If you answered "yes" to question six, was the on-line questionnaire easy to complete?  
  8. Were the reporting instructions on the toll-free number clear and easy to understand? *  
  9. If you answered "no" to question eight, how can we improve the toll-free instructions?  
  10. How would you describe your treatment by court personnel while you were serving? *